10 Reasons Art Makes Great Gifts

by Annie Moran December 12, 2018

10 Reasons Art Makes Great Gifts

We all want to give gifts that are memorable and treasured. Here are a 10 great reasons why art can make the perfect gift.

1. It's Personal

Everyone's taste in art is personal. Whether you want to share a piece of yourself, or celebrate your recipient's style, personal interests or personality, choosing art shows that you've put thought into your gift.

2. It's Unique

Art is one of a kind! Buying original art means you'll never be giving someone a gift they've already gotten, or worse, all their friends have it! Even if you give a print, buying directly from an artist as opposed to a big box or museum store means it's more likely that there are fewer copies out there - plus there are a million unique ways to frame it!

3. It's a Luxury - even if it isn't priced as such

Art is something many people rarely allow themselves to purchase, considering it's not a bare necessity. An upside of art being seen as a luxury is that you'll be able to treat your giftee to something they may not have purchased on their own. When we're budgeting, we often cut out the very things that uplift our lives. Art can bring as much pleasure as a box of chocolates or massage yet it's calorie free and lasts forever!

4. They Won't Know How Much You Spent

You have a range of possibilities when it comes to visual art and it's nice to have a discreet price point for a gift. Your recipient won't ever pass a sale rack at Target and know exactly what you spent on their present.

5. It Could Appreciate in Value

Unlike the latest smartphone or designer bag, original art never becomes obsolete and often goes up in financial value as time goes on. Almost no other commodity does this. A piece of beauty to enjoy now could be financially or culturally significant down the road.

6. It's a Shared Discovery

Like hearing a great new band, or discovering a great restaurant on the cusp of becoming the next hot spot, we love to be turned on to new, up and coming creative sources by our friends. Be the influencer and turn your friends on to an artist they may not have been familiar with before.

7. It works on all budgets

Fine art can be enjoyed by anyone and the price range runs the gamut. Large originals or pieces by well-known artists can be big token items, yet smaller originals and lesser known works are often very affordable. Quality prints can sometimes be as low as $10!

8. They'll Keep it Forever

Art can last indefinitely! Most people treasure their art collections, keeping it through relocations and even through generations. For a modest investment you can give someone a gift they will keep their entire lives.

9. It'll Become Part of their Life

You're gift won't just be a fleeting joy - it'll become a part of their daily life, and often a conversation piece. I'm always touched to see my art prominently displayed in people's homes, and I love to see the different ways that people frame and display it.

10. They'll Never Forget Who Gave it to Them

On top of all this, your friend or loved one will think of you every time they look at the art that you gave them. Now THAT is special!

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What about you? Have you given or received a piece of art or one-of-a-kind gift that had an impact on you? Tell the tale in the comments below!

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Annie Moran
Annie Moran


Annie Moran is a New Orleans artist and jewelry designer. She often draws on the people, flora, and fauna of the Gulf Coast for inspiration, yet her work is universally appealing. Shop Annie's line of fine art prints, jewelry, clothing, or home decor.

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